You got Sold!

There are not many people that look forward to buying a vehicle simply because they have the perception that they will be swindled. Obviously this is a stereotype, but more often than not if you know someone that is preparing to make a purchase they’ll liken the experience to swimming with sharks. Several years ago a cousin had recently graduated from high school and was working and living on his own in the city. While at their house for a visit, I remember him coming in the door full of excitement to announce he bought his first car.  His parents were shocked as they had no idea he chose to do this on his own. After learning more details of his buying experience they said as a matter of fact “You got sold.” Neither the price he paid for the vehicle nor the financing terms very competitive. That’s because there was a shiny new vehicle on the lot that needed to be sold, a young man that was ready to buy, and a salesman eager to close a deal. Sadly we forget this type of scenario can play out when considering what home to buy, too.

Our family recently attended an event that showcased several homes for sale in a newly developed area. There was popcorn and cotton candy for the kids, and beautifully staged homes for everyone to view. The furniture was hand selected for each room; the formal dining room had the table set with fine dinnerware, pillows in the bedroom fluffed. No detail was over looked and the atmosphere was filled with many buyers ready to purchase a home in this picture perfect neighborhood. Of course the homes were beautiful, and there is no question that it would be a nice place to live but one has to wonder if all of the pop and sizzle was stripped away how many homes would have been purchased that day. The point here is that when considering any major purchase that you try to look beyond the pomp and circumstance and ask yourself if this item is meeting your needs. Be it a luxury handbag, vehicle, or a home; understand the person on the other end of the transaction is just doing their job to make a sale. It’s up to us to use critical thinking to ensure it’s the right buying decision.

Source: Brandon Scott is a Sherwood Park / Edmonton Mortgage Broker and the author of a weekly column entitled Real Estate Solutions in the Sherwood Park News. This article was originally published on September 13, 2013

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