Our Company Promise

  • Home means different things to all of us.   For many, home is where we spend most of our time. It’s where we rest our head at night. Where we go to feel safe. Where we watch our kids grow up. Home is the place to celebrate milestones, to brag, to dream, to be ourselves.

    There are a million reasons to want to own to your own home.   And there are a million and one ways we’d like to help make home happen for you.

    We’re Benchmark Mortgages, we know one of the best feelings in the world is getting the keys to your new home. That’s why we go the extra mile—all with one goal in mind: To help you get the home you want. We know there are a lot of people out there willing to offer you a mortgage.   But we didn’t set out to be just like everyone else.

    Believe in Better Promise

    That’s why we created a promise of a better mortgage and a better experience. We call it the Benchmark Promise.  Believe in Better ™

    It’s your assurance that you’re getting the best service and mortgage possible. Period. End of story.

    We promise a Custom Fit

    There’s a high cost when details are overlooked because not all mortgages are created equal. For that reason we don’t try to be all things to all people. We’re realistic. There is more to your mortgage than just rates and payments so we’ll help you find the mortgage that works best for you, and fits you to a T.

    We promise Fresh Thinking

    We’ll explore creative ways to open up more options for you. We are driven to find solutions and keep your big picture in mind. We’ll look at every angle to find you the right mortgage. No matter what your credit history or your circumstances, we’ll roll up our sleeves to help make things work for you.

    We promise No BS

    We’re not into trying to impress you with financial jargon you can’t understand. We’ll explain things the right way and treat you like a human being, not some number in a database.

    We promise to Always Be There

    We don’t believe in short term relationships. We promise to be with you from the moment you get your keys, to your first child, graduation, retirement and everything in between.

    We promise a Celebration.

    It might be a gift. It might be a party. It might be a gift at a party. All we know is we want you to enjoy the moment when your financing has been completed

    We promise to be Extraordinary

    We’ll always look you in the eye, tell the truth, and make sure you know you’ve been well taken care of at the end of the day.