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  • For insights on the big picture or important details, ask the experts

    Brandon Scott was featured in the Spring Mortgage Report on April 25, 2016 along with other national experts in the Globe & Mail. What an investor, certified financial planner, mortgage broker, home inspector and realtor have to say about the best strategies for today’s market: Don Campbell is a senior analyst with the Real Estate […]

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  • First-time buyers: Live like you own it

    Have you ever thought you were in over your head? A situation so uncomfortable you feared you had made a wrong decision? Perhaps it was starting a new job, or moving to a new city. Or how about that sinking feeling known as buyer’s remorse? During a shopping spree, logic can often take a back […]

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  • Can’t buy me love

    A large part of our culture enjoys buying stuff. New stuff, used stuff, any ole stuff it just doesn’t matter; if it’s something for sale that we want or need we buy it because many of us derive great satisfaction from this every day occurrence. There is a type of pleasure we get each time, […]

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  • You got Sold!

    There are not many people that look forward to buying a vehicle simply because they have the perception that they will be swindled. Obviously this is a stereotype, but more often than not if you know someone that is preparing to make a purchase they’ll liken the experience to swimming with sharks. Several years ago […]

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  • Postal Code Envy

    Brandon Scott is a Sherwood Park / Edmonton Mortgage Broker and the author of a weekly column entitled Real Estate Solutions in the Sherwood Park News. This article was originally published on August 2, 2013 The Royals have captured much of the world’s attention but you don’t have to look to the British Monarchy to […]

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