Keeping the kids safe

Brandon Scott is a Sherwood Park & Edmonton based mortgage consultant and the author of a weekly column entitled Real Estate Solutions in the Sherwood Park News. This article was originally published on December 21, 2012 This season is one of the best times of year. Especially when viewed through the eyes of child. Or even if you are able to just let loose and act like one. Either way it can be a lot of fun. However it can also be somewhat dangerous too. There can be a lot of distractions in the home around the holidays, particularly when entertaining or trying to get the much anticipated holiday dinner to the table on-time.  Many families do a great job ensuring their home is kid friendly through-out the year, but when it comes to getting ready for the holidays the rubber totes come out from the basement and the home is magically transformed into a winter extravaganza. There are lights to be hung, ribbons and garland, pine cones, and a variety of festive figurines like angles, nutcrackers, and musical centerpieces. Even the most diligent of parent’s aren’t able to keep their darlings out of harm’s away all the time. And with all the extra decorative accents one can easily forget about the most precious gift they already have; their children. With that in mind here are a few thoughts to keep the little ones safe in your home this Christmas. First of all consider decorating with non-breakable ornaments. This way if little hands tug and one gets off the tree and breaks there won’t be a mess to clean-up. More importantly you won’t have to worry about anyone getting cuts from the glass. Next keep an eye out for those small decorative pieces that are used for displays. If these are easily within the reach of a young child it could be placed it their mouth when no one is looking. That small sheep from the nativity scene may be a choking hazard if it captures the attention of a two year old. Lastly make sure the tree is well balanced and level so it can’t be pulled over. Consider tying it down to avoid unforeseeable accidents and if it’s a fresh tree always keep it well watered and never use candles nearby or leave unattended. If in doubt, try crawling around on your hands and knees to see the home from a child’s perspective. It may just be the angle you need to see any potential hazards that would normally go missed. A small amount of time in prevention can ensure your holiday plans don’t involve a unexpected trip to the medical clinic or emergency room and will keep the celebration in the home where it belongs. Download the current e-edition of the Sherwood Park News