• Alberta Economic Tips for Entrepreneurs

    Entrepreneur Tip #17: The Economic Pulse of Alberta: Since many of our clients are business owners it is important they have a finger on the economic pulse of the province.   Key Benefits: Understand what is driving your business; Address economic concerns raised by your clients; and Speak with confidence on economic indicators   Here […]

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  • Being thankful this Christmas

    Fifty -two weeks out of the year this column has focused on providing helpful information about all things related to real estate and finance. We have reported on market trends, home statistics, mortgage rates, programs and guidelines. We have kept readers up to date and current with all the lingo commonly thrown around when purchasing […]

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  • CHBA – Alberta Awards of Excellence in Housing 2013

    Edmonton builders received 14 of the 22 prizes awarded.  Homes By Avi, was named Builder of the Year in the large-volume category, White Eagle Homes of Edmonton was named Builder of the Year in the small-volume category, and Qualico Group of Companies was named Builder of the Year in the multi-family category. Here is a […]

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  • Short-sighted service

    There is a familiar saying that says hindsight is twenty-twenty. Normally this expression is used when someone has a better understanding of events that occurred after the fact. Typically referencing a mistake or the desire to go back and do things differently. The bigger problem here is that sometimes the one creating the offense shows […]

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  • Can’t buy me love

    A large part of our culture enjoys buying stuff. New stuff, used stuff, any ole stuff it just doesn’t matter; if it’s something for sale that we want or need we buy it because many of us derive great satisfaction from this every day occurrence. There is a type of pleasure we get each time, […]

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  • You got Sold!

    There are not many people that look forward to buying a vehicle simply because they have the perception that they will be swindled. Obviously this is a stereotype, but more often than not if you know someone that is preparing to make a purchase they’ll liken the experience to swimming with sharks. Several years ago […]

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  • A city in transition

    Our landscape is ever changing; roads, construction, power lines and much more. Just think back to how Sherwood Park looked just a few short years ago and compare that to now. Furthermore, it will likely look different in five more years than it does today. That can be a good thing as new businesses open, […]

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  • There’s no smoke without fire

    Back in late June this column explained what causes a fixed rate to increase and provided a detailed example using the industry average of the 5 year published mortgage rate, the bond yield and the spread. More recently once again the fixed rates have seen more increases catching some home buyers off guard. While the […]

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  • Getting approved doesn’t have to be a puzzle

    The jigsaw puzzle as we know it today is thought to be over 250 years old and invented by a London mapmaker. The challenge to make a complete picture from a box of interlocking pieces provides hours of entertainment, stimulates the brain, and a means for social interaction with friends and family (with no batteries […]

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  • Why we love the classics

    When someone says they love ‘the classics’ a number of things may come to mind. Perhaps it’s a piece of literature like Great Expectation by Charles Dickens, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen or my personal childhood favourite The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. Maybe it’s the music of Beethoveen or Brahms, while […]

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