Buying local from a local realtor

There is a well-known expression that we see from time to time designed to persuade consumers on where they spend their money. The phrase “buy local” has been a growing movement that places an emphasis on the economic benefits of supporting small and medium businesses within a community. There are also those that argue against this viewpoint citing several reasons that basically boil down to there being no true economic benefit. Regardless of which side is right, when it comes to buying a home the expression should be ‘buy local from a local.’ Using a realtor that specializes in a specific area has its advantages according to Corey McEwen, a longtime Sherwood Park resident of more than thirty years. Corey, who is also a real estate agent, says “Every buyer is individually different and we have to do our research and make sure we have a good understanding of the neighbourhood.”  Corey says a good realtor educates the buyer to ensure they are aware of what is happening in the area. He uses an example of a couple looking at homes in the Woodbridge Farms area of Sherwood Park. Would an agent from outside our community have been able to inform their buyers of the power lines going in a year ago?  Or of the developing retail shopping centre in Emerald Hills before it was obvious? Because each neighborhood can have a specific design and feel it’s also important to understand other factors that contribute to a home’s price. “It’s not just about location or nearby amenities” says Corey, “it’s about what do I get for my money?” He points out that most homebuyers have a budget and some areas provide the purchaser more home for their money. “There is a wealth of information that only a local agent can supply their buyer simply because they are the ones walking or driving through that area on a daily or weekly basis. All the statistics of previously sold homes in the area, the square footage of the homes and photos do not tell the whole story.” So while there still may be some controversy about whether or not a buy local strategy can truly make an impact to a community’s economy, it is something worth considering when choosing the agent who will represent you when buying or selling your next property. Source: Brandon Scott is a Sherwood Park / Edmonton Mortgage Broker and the author of a weekly column entitled Real Estate Solutions in the Sherwood Park News. This article was originally published on November 1, 2013 Download the current e-edition of the Sherwood Park News